Wight Aluminium is one of New Zealand’s largest aluminium fabricators, delivering commercial aluminium joinery solutions to clients throughout the North Island.  We have project management and design offices in Auckland, Hamilton and Whanganui, and two newly constructed manufacturing plants in Hamilton and in Whanganui.


Wight Aluminium Limited started out as Wight Construction Co, which was founded in 1965 as a commercial property building contractor in the Whanganui region.  In 1973 Wight Aluminium obtained the APL Vantage Aluminium franchise to produce aluminium joinery for the residential market in Whanganui, and expanded its reach into the Manawatu and Wellington regions.  The commercial aluminium operation continued to grow, and in 1994 the company took the strategic decision to cease its construction operations and focus solely on the aluminium side of the business.  With the acquisition of Origin Windows in 2017, our group is now one of New Zealand’s largest providers of aluminium windows and facades to the New Zealand construction sector.


We are a family business, now in its third generation of management.  Founded by Forbes Clingan Wight, the company was run by his son, Murray Wight until 2017.  The significant growth of the company has seen the establishment of a broader management team, including Executive Directors Damon Wagstaff and Gavin Wight, grandson of Clingan.

Gavin Wight


Damon Wagstaff


Murray Wight

Non-executive Director

Phillip Wight

Non-executive Director


Wight Aluminium has a team of around 120 employees plus a wider network of installers and other contractors it works with regularly.  Many of these employees are based in the regions, with a team of more than 50 in Whanganui, and 40 in Hamilton.  We are one of the largest businesses in Whanganui and we are proud to continue our legacy as a strong, local company, making a positive contribution to the local economy in the region where our business journey and success began.


Windows and doors can have a significant impact on the energy efficiency and environmental performance of a building, be it a home, a school, a community or commercial facility.  We fully acknowledge the impact our products can have in creating greener, healthier spaces for people to live work and play, and we are committed to sharing this knowledge with clients to ensure well informed design and product specification choices.

We are proud to work with APL as our exclusive supplier of aluminium extrusion and product suites.  APL invests heavily in research and development of their window systems and is committed to sustainability is all encompassing.  APL produces some of the lowest eco footprint aluminium in the world, with aluminium billet sourced from the hydro-generation powered NZAS smelter at Tiwai Point.  More than 90% of APL’s aluminium offcuts are recycled directly back into the NZAS smelter system.